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All Reports for 2024

Natal Chart Review - 20 minute video

Solar Return- 20 minute video

The year ahead- 45 minute video

Follow up - 20 minute video on any topic of your request

Also - 30 minute 1-1 zoom call to talk all things astrology at your request

Written reports included as a bonus included are tons of pages going deeper into your solar return chart for the year and all significant transits for the next 12 months and more! 

You will receive videos from me as a private youtube links emailed to you. 

Make sure to book with a valid email to ensure your video links make it to your inbox. Add to your contacts to avoid them finding their way into your spam folder. These videos will be received within 1-4 weeks after you place the order. I will need your birth time, day and birth location which is asked for in checkout process as well as the current location you live. You also can email me at with requested information above or with any questions you may have.

All reports and videos will be received within a months time. 

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