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How I define intimacy..

Intimacy is  our human ability to be truthful in the eyes of another. To be intimate is to honest about who we are in each moment. Intimacy is vulnerability coupled with safety. With out intimacy you just A fair amount of us enter into sexual relationships with zero intimacy. These two words, sex and intimacy are often perceived as the same thing, and though they can overlap at times it is important to state the distinction to understand what I do as an Intimacy Coach.  We develop defense systems over time that can cut us off from authenticity. Meaning we can begin to censor our experiences and feelings in attempt to do things like... keep the peace, be pleasant, not start a fight, protect other people's feelings. If the defense systems are turned on, how can we possibly share our inner workings with another human being honestly? Truthful moments let people in to who you are, the inner reality of your world. 

Who do I work with?

I work with women  and couples to facilitate space to explore the science and philosophies around connection and intimacy. I help  to create a space in relationships, romantic or not to experience nourishment through connectivity. Communication becomes a practice that can grow into deeper relational skills. Emotional intelligence is the key to deeper intimacy. Consider me a teacher that offers you courses in how to be more present, insightful and open with other human beings.  Our society has a strong touch to sex neural pathway. Meaning a lot of folks only experience touch that is sexual.. not safe, conscious touch that is healing. That is where I come in as the change maker introducing touch through a different lens of nurturing nourishment. When we feel safe our nervous system can then sift gears to connect us deeper to our bodies and others. If the nervous system is dysregulated we will function primarily in the defense systems we have learned. These defense systems are the block to connecting with others and your own body. As a Somatic Educator and Trauma Centered Bodywork Therapist I can help you rebuild your relationship with touch by co-regulation techniques for nervous system health and flexibility. 

What I don't do...Let's be clear

I DO NOT do sex coaching, meaning if you are looking for better techniques in bed I am not that coach. I DO NOT do sexual bodywork, meaning I do not give "happy endings" or anything remotely close. Eros energy or fiery sexual energy is not the connection point of what I teach or coach. Though you will often see a huge change in the types of sex you do have after intimacy coaching, that is because the foundation of good sex is ... communication that fosters intimacy and safety. 

What I do...

I do teach you about love languages, attachments styles, safe conscious touch, coregulation, communication and nervous system function. I do integrate things like massage and bodywork, breathwork, yogic stretching and energy work. I do help people who have experienced physical and/or sexual abuse rebuild their relationship with touch. I do deeply educate others in the effects of complex trauma and interpersonal relationship trauma on our quality of life and/or chronic illness in the body. I do facilitate moments of deep connection by promoting safety and insight into human development and relating. 

What to do if you want to work with me?

If you are interested in navigating this road with me start with shooting me a email at We first will arrange a short phone call to touch base on what your desires and intentions would be for coaching with me. This gives me an opportunity to introduce myself and can see if we are a good fit. You also can submit the form below!

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