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Natal Birth chart

Are you interested in discovering more about your natal birth chart? Then this session is for you! You will need your birthday, birth time and birth location for this session. Here you begin to learn your blueprint according to the stars the moment you were born, by observing the planetary cycles and alignments we can cultivate a deeper understanding of the energy you have/are experiencing and the higher perspectives as to why.Our natal birth chart  is like our energetic blueprint for this lifetime.

This is a 30 minute video that will be made into a private youtube link. This is a personal interpretation by me highlighting specific planets and houses with dominate energy in your natal birth chart.  Please make sure to use correct email address so you receive your video link with no problems. This video will be received within the week after you place the order. I will need your birth time, day and location please email to or put in comments when paying through paypal.

A written report is also included as a bonus with additional natal chart interest specific to you! 

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