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Transiting Planets

Are you interested in knowing what is happening currently in the cosmic weather and what areas of your life you might see this effect?

With this session I will discuss where the planets are and what areas of your life they are transiting. This is a 25 minute video that will be made into a private youtube link. This is a personal interpretation by me highlighting specific planets and houses with dominate energy activating your natal birth chart. This is an exploration of cosmic energy according to the philosophies of astrology that offers personal awareness on what specific energies MAYBE likely to manifest in your life journey.

Make sure to book with a valid email to ensure your video links make it to your inbox. Add to your contacts to avoid them finding their way into your spam folder. This video will be received within the week. I will need your birth time, day and location which is asked for in checkout process. You also can email me at with the requested information above or with any questions you may have. 

A written report is also included as a bonus with additional transit interest specific to you! 

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