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Conscious Touch

for Coregulation

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PXL_20230709_170619435 2.jpg

1-1 Couples Sessions

Looking for a unique way to spend time with your partner? Join me for a course in Conscious Touch and discover the depth and science behind it. Together we explore different touch techniques that can regulate the nervous system. We will take a dive into connection and tools we can use to deepen our relationships. 

Book a free discovery call with me at no cost to see if this is the right fit for you. 

What to know? 

  • Your private session will be 2.5 hours long

  • Cost $250 (inclusive for both partners not per person)

  • A course in the effects of touch on the nervous system and what techniques can be utilized.  Focused on enhancing body mapping and communication skills

  • Bring your favorite blankets and pillows for comfort items. 

  •  Private Sessions are available on Sundays and held at the Groundstone jiu-jitsu location in Surf City. 


Conscious Touch Package

4 Private Sessions - $900

A savings of $100 when purchased as a package. 

Each 2.5 hour session is unique and focused on  learning different skills and techniques. 

1. Body mapping and communication skills

2. Thai Yoga and assisted stretching 

3. Massage techniques

4. Integrative Sound Massage 

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