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Home Life Day 27 in India

When deciding to make this trip we knew we would rooming up with others, I was thrilled to have one of my dearest friends join with her daughter, Ashley and Aleah.

Living with other people is no small task so I contemplated quite a bit about what that would look like going from living alone with my son to sharing a space with two other people. I have to say there couldn't have been a more perfect match for me in particular.

As we began to root our feet into India we began to realize we both have a lot of similar ways of moving through our days. Neither one of us is a social butterfly so we always seem to be on the same flow in regards to staying in and just being home with the kids. We've taken small adventures out but to be honest no matter what country I am in, I have always been deeply isolative because of my sensitivities to energy. Rooming with Ashley has been great because she also has no interest in hitting the streets and would rather stay in the intimate confines of home. I’m a cancer by heart so domestic home life is a fundamental part of what makes me feel safe and secure.

You can find me every morning washing dishes and dicing fruit and later in the evening sweeping alllllll the red dust and mopping the floors.

These simply acts are what make me feel at home here. I had to capture a photo of Ashleys’ funny ass hand washing clothes in a bucket in her bathing suit.

Ashley every morning makes sure we all have fresh water for work and school, and packs snacks for me and her for class which i'm so grateful for because I always forget. Our weekdays are full throttle we have classes Monday through Friday 915am until 2-3 pm then additional night sessions twice a week, we are physically going so hard in this program. To be honest this is by far the most physically demanding program I have ever done and learning my limits is on the forefront of my lessons. As moms we are having to truly find a new way of balancing our energy.

The kids jump in the taxi each morning with our love Luna who rides to and from school with them everyday.

By the time they get home one of two things happens someone falls asleep (adult or child) or we throw on our bathing suits and head straight for Lazy Dog our favorite eco resort with a pool and great food. This place is right on the beach front so it's far from the noise and has fresh air and salt water which is so healing for us all.

It's a new world out here and this family unit we have I must say is so very special. We have 49 days here left and we all are in awe that we have made it 27 days already. The deep longing for North Carolina isn’t so intense anymore but the pleasure of its beauty is forever beating deep in my soul. Ashley looked at me this week and said “How do we go back after this experience to a normal life?” I felt this so strongly. Something big has changed in us already, there are no words yet to describe it but we can feel it.

The kids have begun to have spats here and there, I am certain after this Josiah won’t want a sibling so much anymore. It's interesting to watch a part you begin to cultivate other relationships beyond you and the waves of happiness and sadness that come with them.

Me and Ashley tend to roll our eyes and play mediator when they get grumpy and bossy to each other, they truly have begun to act just like brother and sister for sure. So this is home life here in India as always we all miss you all and home but wanted everyone to know we are loved and supported here as well. By the way we are ten and a half hours ahead of you back home so if we call and text late its because we are in the future! New moon blessing to you all!

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Feb 05, 2020

We missssss you 😩😩😩

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