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Day Two in Costa Rica

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Day two is dreaming. The first 24 hours entering another country always is a spin of chaos. Transiting from one country to another takes a little grounding.

By day two we are ready to hit the ground running. Starting our morning with their complimentary breakfast, my favorite is the rice and beans!

Then off to exploring the massive grounds of @xandari_resort_spa_cr

Me and my friend took a five hour hike (large exaggeration) through what felt like Jurassic Park. We went searching for the 7 waterfalls but only made it to one. Walking shoes that are waterproof are a must.

The perfect medicine after a long hike, a nice dip in one of their epic pools. The views from every angle of this place are breathtaking.

Put this place on your to visit list.

Are you interested in joining me for a retreat? Find details here.

Check out more footage of my trip below!






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