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Day One Costa Rica

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Day one in paradise. We leave for the airport 3am, check in 4am and we are off at 6am. After a short flight and a layover in Atlanta we gain two hours as we arrive in San Jose at 11:44 am.

It’s worth it to fly in early to get a full day there. But don’t be surprised when you hit a line as long as the luggage pick up area to simply get out the door of the airport. Which is met after an arduous wait to get through customs. Traveling takes stamina let’s be honest.

Long lines, heavy bags, tight seats and irritated people. You almost think what the hell was I thinking. I may die if I don’t get out of this airport. But then as you step foot outside and feel the excitement of traffic, the new smells and language you know you’ve made it to the other side. One thing is for sure patience is required. Adapting to your environment and being flexible is a must to survive. A smile and gentle eye contact can get you a long way.

The best advice I have to give, treat the people who serve you like kings and queens. This will make all the difference. Becoming quick friends opens doors you can only imagine. Every place we went people were more than happy to have conversations and offer guidance. This is where you will find the best places to go and the easiest ways to get there.

Americans can have a pretty bad wrap abroad, we can come off entitled from what I’ve been told. So be the exception and you will be treated exceptionally.

Our first stop @xandari_resort_spa_cr

Are you interested in join me in June for my retreat in Costa Rica? If so find more information here.

Check out more footage of my trip below!



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