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20 days Left in India-Reconnecting to my son

Upon landing in India life took on a whole new reality in so many ways. We were fully immersed in a new culture, new home, new job, new schools and new relationships.

This last week after persevering and pushing for two months I became sick and immediately knew it was time to bring life back into balance. My whole body was ready for rest and integration so I made space from my daily duties to bring my energy back in and recenter. I made it my mission to now do less work and more exploring to really soak up more of what is happening in this eccentric place we have landed in and come deeper in the present moment with myself and son.

I came across an event for a beatboxing concert and decided it was time to take my boy on an adventure. Josiah has been the most beautiful child on this journey, never blinking an eye as we flew around the world and away from everything we’ve known. He has with such great resilience jumped on board with everything with such grace and openness. I truly am the luckiest mother in the world. As I jumped from class to class, to dinner to cab he for the most part followed along with whatever was needed in each moment. Can you even believe this child fell asleep like this!?

Now as I begin my integration I know it's time to show him a good time and reorient my priorities. He has loved beatboxing for years and regularly asks when he can start his own youtube, so you can only imagine his face when he realized we were actually about to witness beatboxers in real life. When we arrived they were doing a sound check and it took him a moment to realize what was going on, then he paused and said omg they are beatboxers! While we waited for the concert to start he actually fell asleep then bounced right up when the party got started.

Yes that is a mom henna tattoo on his chest for those wondering.

We came to see Mad Twinz who are actually Vice world champions, twin brothers from Russia. Check out there skills here:

At the end of the show they welcome people to come up and participate in making some sounds and as you can imagine Josiah was the first one on the stage. This was a pivotal moment for him and shit me as a mom. To watch your children love something for years and be able to give them this kind of experience is priceless.

At the end of the show they announced they were doing a workshop the next day and Josiah beamed and asked me if he could go. He ran over to get a photo with them and we asked if he could in fact participate, they said sure. Shout out to these guys for being so open to him being part.

So today with all the love in my heart I picked him up early from school to make this happen. Our whole house hold took off in the dead of the heat searching for a place we’ve never been in what seemed like the desert. We stopped to grab coconuts for moment to hydrate and Josiah finds a buddy to play some soccer with in the meantime.

As most adventures go in this town nothing ever runs smoothly but we've all come to ride the waves better. Me and Ashley sat with our two kids and an awesome group of folks and listened to the magic of these guys at this eccentric place called Ash.

It's so incredible what the mouths of some people can do, I certainly do not have this talent! I tried and could only laugh at myself for the attempt. After this experience he is dead set on getting a looping board and microphone so I need to get my ass back to work to make that happen.

I love this boy, if beatboxing is where it is at for him damn it I'll help him anyway I can. He is such a special kid with such talent and my heart radiates with joy to see him do things like this here. I mean where in North Carolina would he be able to do this? These last 20 days we plan to fill with more things like this that invigorate us and open us to the diverse culture of Goa. I feel so deeply grateful for the roommates I have that jump on board to do all the things with us, Ashley and Aleah have been our side kicks in adventuring and I couldn't imagine finding my way without them.

Until next time keep your eyes open in the future for my up and coming beatboxing son and whatever other adventures we find ourselves in these last 20 days!

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