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Men Need More Safe Touch

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

I’d call it a pandemic, touch deprived men. Many studies have showed us the ill effects of being neglected of physical touch. It’s well known women tend to find affectionate safe touch easier to access with their children, family and friends.

Touch elicits oxytocin which is known to help us deal with stress and cultivates our ability to bond. Unfortunately as male teenagers the most touch they receive is sexual or violent. Often shamed, guilted or reprimanded for touch. This disconnect and cultural phobia of “men touching men” has had a pervasive negative effect.

Why do men want sex more?! Well it’s pretty much the only way they intuitively know how to access it. Safe gentle touch literally increases immune system function. It is vital for our health and overall wellness to be touched. I have found that men are at the top of the list for who needs touch most to help co regulate their nervous system. Also people who are not partnered and without a companions, massage and bodywork can be a great asset to nurture these yummy hormones that heal. For those who associate trauma with touch it is no surprise they find oxytocin release through touch with pets very beneficial.

This is not hippy shit anymore it’s practical science. Hug, cuddle, hold hands, massage, look into someone eyes and get your oxy fix today to improve your quality of life.

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