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The Gift of Co-regulation

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

At the core of co-regulation is the gift of sharing nervous systems. As children ideally our parents are our co-regulators. When we experience distress we turn to them for safety and soothing. One nervous system attuning to another. We as humans need this kind of connection to thrive.

When overloaded, our autonomic nervous system (ANS) can begin to disrupt other systems in the body. Most of us are familiar with terms like fight, flight, freeze, or fawn. These words are used to describe the nervous system's choice of survival methods.

Trauma can disrupt our ability to self-regulate. Distress can create nervous system dysregulation. The ANS is the part of the nervous system that manages how you deal with stress. Our ANS is constantly reshaping our experiences in the world. Coregulation can help us begin to rewire that nervous system back into a state of stability. Neuroplasticity which is how neural networks rewire themselves is strongly influenced by this.

Finding people to help you restore a sense of safety is vital to thriving. When our nervous system is disrupted, we may struggle to establish intimate connections, compassionately parent or establish a sense of rootedness in our communities.

The somatic trauma therapy practices I utilize can help you to begin the rewiring process of your nervous system. Through safe space and conscious intentional touch together we can harmonize. Reaching out can be the hardest part. For questions or inquiries email me at

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