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Meditation as a Preventive Measure

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

 Years ago when I was first introduced to meditation it yet had solid footing in medical science. Now years later it is readily available to us article after article, books galore on the cutting edge science of meditation and its effects on the body and brain. I am rolling my eyes now hearing the voices of people respond to me with oh you do that "hippy shit". Ahhhh how nice now to say I do that scientific hippy shit HA.

So here is the thing; the human body is the highest form of technology we have. If we want it to run at its ideal performance we know we need to do certain things for its upkeep. It is a widely accepted fact the body needs good wholesome food to function well. The body also needs clean air to breath and fresh water to drink. Though it can function without them to a certain degree, it definitely impacts the overall performance and quality of life.

Meditation is the same. We can function without it but with it, our layered experience as a human is significantly better. Meditation has roots in so many cultures, religions and practices so much so we didn’t even need science to convince a lot of us to get on board. And that is simply because we had a direct experience with it. The way it can hit the brakes on the chaos inside us, the way it can slow down the racing mind and the panic that builds in the body. It has an undeniable ability to harmonize our overall state of being. This, as a result, has showed us an incredible decrease in physical disease and the symptoms of illness across the board.

Now because trauma is my thing I can’t conclude this article without mentioning why this is such great medicine for those of us with trauma. IT MAKES US STAY PRESENT. When you have suffered significant trauma there can be a tendency to live in the past where the trauma happened  or in the future where the fear of it all happening again can occur. The most important thing we can do when we are living a life of trauma recovery is find a way to stay radically present. Meditation is that tool that we use to summon our soul back to the present moment over and over again.

Don’t know where to start? I’ve made a 20 minute guided meditation to jump start you below.

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