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Day 8 in India

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

As I sit down to write this I am reminding myself to share from a personal place of my direct experiences. My hope as I continue this journey here in India is I can be vulnerable and transparent in a way that all of you can feel me. We are two days away from a full moon in the sign of Cancer and me being a Cancer I am deeply feeling so very much.

Everyday I allow myself to cry a little bit more so I can allow things to move through me to avoid any stagnant energy getting caught up. I am so a family woman, even professionally I function as a mother hen to a beautiful community of women and sisters. Landing in India my greatest concern at first was the unit of people I traveled with. There were six of us all together traveling, four women and two children.

As I sat in my first meeting with the Core Heart Support Team here in India for the program I came to be a part of we all opened to share where we were at energetically since landing. When I began to speak I cried and everything I was feeling deeply about related back to the people I traveled with and the worry and concern I was carrying for them. After I had to sit with myself and go okay how am I feeling, outside of the tribe how am I actually feeling?

The second day here in Goa I started to get a nasty cold, I could not breathe through my nose the next day I was snotty and couldn't stop blowing and wiping the next day my fucking nose hurt so bad and was tender to the touch! I had to sit and say Angelic what are you feeling and can you open it up. Our body has such a powerful way of manifesting what is happening inside.

The first few days were utter chaos, culture shock and there wasn't a space to really feel anything I just needed to keep moving to set up the fundamentals for living. As that calmed down the kids began school next, they are on day three now and my sweet boy isn't necessarily loving it.

He has a Cancer moon so when he starts to feel deeply it effects me to the core. Last night I held him tight and he said “mama I hope me, you, papa and gammy never grow older and we always stay just like this” he kissed me on the forehead and I just squeezed him tight. I know he does not want to miss a moment with his family back home and is hoping to freeze time.

Tonight our program begins and work begins full force for me so this is the next adjustment phase. A few of my sisters have reached out from back home and reminded me I am loved and valued and this was like a warm tea to my heart. I miss my home, my family and my community. Here we are cultivating a new one but my old one is my deepest roots.

I find myself wondering how is everyone dealing with the waxing moon, how are my parents functioning without a grandson running the household and does anyone notice we are gone? This year feels like such a powerful one that we all are just scratching the surface of. Everyday we all drop deeper in the experience here and each day it gets easier to manage all the new things that are arriving.

The kids are such a blessing to have here, they keep us grounded and center for sure. Check out their new school, the Yogi Art School where they are learning to cook, write and create dramas and learn about plants right from their surroundings! Josiah said he believes his papa could make a cooler playground which is probably true because he is quite the visionary but I think this one is awesome too!

We start most morning with rice, eggs and fruit that we buy every few days from the market. The street we are living on is lined with all kinds of shops to buy fresh produce.

There is a great coffee shop a few doors down we also like to visit called Layered Cake, the kids get fruit smoothies and we stick to the lattes for the most part.

One of favorite places to lounge is Lazy Dog because it has food and a pool which is located over looking the ocean. They offer a drink called Lime Soda that the kids love. It seems to simply be like a seltzer water they add sugar too. The server also asks sweet or sour and the kids choose both.

I am so lucky to be rooming with one of my dearest friends and her daughter which have been such a great match for us, Josiah has a playmate and I have a sister to journey each day with.

Here is Ashley and Aleah our family unit in India. Ashely is super versed in herbs and helped me to push through my sickness with some some pretty potent shit she had on hand. My heart is filled with such love for these two.

Moms abroad, that is us now!

I will close with this prayer:

May the cosmic guides among us protect us always, May our Ancestors whisper deep wisdom we hear and may the Creative force of all that is, journey with us.

So much love to you all!

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MoonBabe Olivia
MoonBabe Olivia
09 ene 2020

Thanks, I am a blubbering mess now. But very much enjoying the travel log and check-ins, love seeing what the kids are up to and what y'all are eating! *Journey with you, I shall! Love and miss you guys so much!!

Me gusta
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