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Somatic's For Any Body 3-Part Series


The field of Somatic's has a lot to offer us in regard to nervous system health. Our ability to regulate our emotions has a direct tie to our nervous system function. Join me for a three-part series online to explore how Somatic's can help you find more balance for your internal systems. Come see what the Vagus Nerve rave is all about and what role it plays in emotional, mental, and physical regulation. Gain simple practices that go a long way in your daily life to help your over all well being. What you will learn: Six breathing techniques Tapping sequences Conscious Touch/Massage Gentle Stretches Mindfulness and Meditation What you will gain: A deeper understanding of your nervous system A tool belt for dealing with stress and anxiety A deeper sense of connectedness with your body These classes will be a mix of educational and experiential. Everything we are doing can be adjusted to any body type, you can be seated in a chair, on the floor, or standing whatever is most comfortable for you.

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